SSMU Funding

Our team is proud to count SSMU as its newest sponsor! The Student Society of McGill University has been very generous in granting our team funding from the Ambassador Fund in order to help support our trip to the RoboSub competition in San Diego. SSMU now ranks amongst our team's Silver level sponsors.

If you are interested in supporting MART, please contact us for more information.

November 2010 Progress Update

CAD rendering Nov-2010

November marks the beginning of fabrication for Marty-III! The mechanical designs of our frame and pressure vessel have been completed, and machining of the endcaps is set to begin next week. The mech team is hard at work laying out the interior of the robot, and has begun building the internal battery tubes and rack system. Our goal is to have a sealed pressure in the pool by the end of the year.

2010-2011 Design Begins

Preliminary 2010-2011 Hull Design

Drawing on our past experience, we have begun designing our third revision of MARTy. Our goal is to design a light, pressure-resistant hull with a simple mechanism for accessing internal electronics.

Competition 2010

We competed in the 2010 RoboSub competition. It was a great experience. Our technical capabilities were significantly improved over 2009, and we spent nearly the entire week testing and refining our sub.

New CAD Drawings

The latest CAD drawings have been released! The updated design reflects our new sponsorship deal with TSLOTS extruded alluminum. Construction is begining in the coming weeks, and the major hull components should be completed by the middle of March.

Two New Sponsors in Two Weeks

The AUV Design Team is pleased to announce the addition of 2 new sponsors- DigiKey Corporation and TSLOTS. Both organizations are suppliers of critical parts for our team's design, and their support will allow us to continue to update our design and produce the best possible final product. DigiKey will be supplying electronics for the team's custom motor controllers, and TSLOTS aluminum extrusions will be used to build the AUV's modular and highly customizable frame. We would like to thank both companies for their support.

Weekly Mechanical Team Meetings

Meetings are back on for the semester. We'll be holding them every Tuesday at 6:00 p.m. The final location will be confirmed through the mailing list.

New Motor Controllers

Our new motor controller boards have arrived! Thank you to Advanced Circuits for their generous donation. The boards still need to have components mounted on them, and this will be the first responsibility of the electrical team in January.

Fall Semester Progress

I'm really excited about the enormous progress our team has made in the past 3 months. We've taken all of the lessons learned from our first competition and applied them towards our major initiative of the semester- a total mechanical redesign of our AUV, now dubbed MARTy X-II. We've redesigned every major system of the robot, and will be starting construction in January.

Meetings cancelled until January 2010

The team will not be meeting any more this semester. We finished a total mechanical redesign of the AUV, and will be starting construction in January. Keep an eye on your inboxes next semester for info on when meetings will resume. Good luck with exams!